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Rock is hard. John Rochard is harder.

You are the winners!

Yesterday we concluded our first competition in collaboration with Poets of the Fall (those guys just rock!). Our grand prizes were copies of Rochard‘s OST signed both by POTF and Rochard‘s Development Team… Now it’s time to know who are the winners!

But before the names, we need to make a little addition: thanks to your overwhelming feedback and the huge amount of comments we received over such a short period of time, we decided to throw on the table another copy of the OST.

Enough with the teasing. The right length was 2164 seconds, and the winners are:

Benjamin G. – 2167 seconds

Nicole G. – 2165 seconds

Simon S. ‎ – 2161 seconds

Alex D. ‎- 2160 seconds

Nemanja R. – ‎2160 seconds

Steffen S. –  ‎2160 seconds

If you see yourself mentioned above, expect a message on Facebook from someone in our Team. If for some reason you don’t get the message within 24h, send your details anyway to press@recoilgames.com.

Congrats again on Recoil’s behalf to our lucky winners, and thanks to all the others for taking part in the competition!



Rochard reviews, the second wave!

Hooray people! Reviews of Rochard keep coming and the average opinion about the game is very, VERY good. But before going into that, a quick recap of what is keeping us busy, sales aside.

First things first: the Part 1 of the Making Of Rochard is now available here. The video focuses on Rochard‘s music: in the full glory of HD, you will have the privilege to see both Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen from Poets of the Fall and Creative Director Burt Kane from Recoil Games discussing how all those fine tunes ended up being the soundtrack for the adventures of a bunch of very special astro-miners.

Also, we threw our first competition on Rochard’s Facebook page. What’s the prize, you ask? A chance to win a copy of Rochard‘s soundtrack signed both by POTF and Recoil’s Team! The competition just ended, and we will announce the winners as soon as we manage to go through the hundreds of comments we got for it.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear what the world think of our little baby. Ready? Set? Go!

This game is a unique experience, something that builds on the past of platforming adventure while pulling in aspects from some of the best shooters, and injecting it all with fun and humor. It’s a perfect game, and an absolute must-own for any PlayStation 3 owner.

Newsrama  [10/10]

Rochard is a great game, and it’s made for multiple playthroughs.

BC Gaming [5/5] 

Seriously though, Rochard is a great game that is obviously well loved by the development team. A high level of care and polish went into making Rochard a real PSN gem.

Vgblogger – Buy it!

When you look past all of the bells and whistles of a game, and just look just at its core gameplay, some titles lose their luster, but “Rochard” manages to hold its own. It’s a hard time of the year for PSN games since they need to share the spotlight with so many other bigger name game, but try not to overlook “Rochard.” It will offer you hours worth of challenging puzzles, and space police to shoot in the face. Really, it’s the best of both worlds.


The game’s production values are well above most ten-dollar games.

CheepArseGamer – Very good!

Rochard was built for fun and perfect for when you just want to pick up a game and play.

GamingExaminer – 8.5/10

Rochard is not a typical downloadable PSN title. It is of a higher pedigree in the world of digital distribution – just a step under retail releases.

Playtribune – 8.5/10

Honestly, this just might be one of the best downloadable games of the year.


Read more reviews from our Coverage page.


Making of Rochard: Part 1 – The Music

A few weeks ago we teased you with a sneek peak of the Making of Rochard: Part 1 – The Music. Today we are finally announcing that the whole video is available, right here, right now, in full HD!

Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen from Poets of The Fall and Rochard‘s Creative Director Burt Kane discuss in detail how the soundtrack of the game came to life…so open your ears and click play! (or, as an alternative, subscribe to Recoil’s YouTube Channel clicking here)


Rochard reviews rolling in, a quick overview

These last three days have been crazy. Rochard launched both in US and Europe, and activity at Recoil’s office has been hectic to say the least. It wouldn’t be a proper launch without some little technical issue (press people: review codes are coming), but overall we are very satisfied. Moreover, we just smashed quota 6 100 fans on Facebook and your positive comments are putting a smile on our faces. Thank you!

Our hope is, that in time, we will be able to repay you making the best possible games.

But this is not the time to become sentimental! The first reviews are rolling in, so let’s take a look at what the press thinks about our game.

Rochard delivers great side-scrolling gameplay, inventive puzzles, a phenomenal soundtrack, and a fun visual style. And all this comes with a low price tag. If you’re looking for some great old school platforming with a healthy side of puzzles, Rochard is just a PSN purchase away.

CheatCC [4.2 out of 5]

Pictures don’t do Rochard justice; it’s gorgeous and overflowing with color from beginning to end. If you’ve got free time and ten bucks to spare, Rochard is worth its weight in unobtanium (or whatever obscure space rock they were looking for before Rochard started shooting people in the head).

Gamesradar [7 out of 10]

At $10, it’s a total steal. Rochard isn’t only a one-off experience, either. There’s reason to go back for more. Collectibles and upgrades are strewn around that are easy to miss if you aren’t paying careful attention, and then there’s that pesky Gold Trophy that will require you to beat the game in three hours or less. But save the speed-running for a second playthrough. Enjoy Rochard as it was intended, and let it bend your mind a bit. You won’t be sorry you did.

IGN [8.5 out of 10]

More review links are available in our Coverage page.

PS: Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are getting ready to announce some special competitions…(especially you, Poets of the Fall fans!).

Take care astro-miners!


Ship the Rochard!

You know what’s the most fun part about making games?


Well, that’s what it feels like sometimes when you’re an independent games developer. There’s ever-present financial risks, shifting deadlines and technological nightmares that would scare H.P. Lovecraft. During development, we’ve been close to insolvency after the financial crisis of 2008, we’ve had technological setbacks that have resulted in us rebuilding content that we had already signed off on and even had to switch offices during a critical phase of production due to some manner of mold infestation hell-bent on sidelining Rochard.

But at the end of the day, the job is about fun. Its about having it and it’s about creating it. What you usually don’t get to read is how tremendously unfunny games are before they turn fun. And what impact that has on morale. And Rochard has been no exception.


When we started, we had a prototype that was fun. Unpolished, raw, but still fun. Then we realized we need to make a game out of it. Not a little tech demo that was hard to learn, that could crash in unfortunate places and was kind of wonky at the edges. We needed a proper game with proper assets, proper technology and Fun with a capital F. That’s when we ripped apart what we had and rebuilt it from scratch.

We made totally new characters (our giraffe-necked protagonist Captain Placeholder would elicit snickers from even the most serious-minded testers), we designed new, efficient but good-looking ways of populating the game world without totally burning out our artists and we made the gameplay more robust.

And that way it was, for the longest of times. If you ask a game developer how they feel about a game they made, you’ll often get a thousand-yard stare and some mumblings about Metacritic. The mundane reality is that a developer gets to see the game in such a state of disrepair for the vast majority of the project that eventually even the most hardened visionary is tempted to lose faith in the product.


Until it’s done of course. That’s when you get to try it out. It’s a bit tricky to believe in the game after seeing it in such lousy condition. Everywhere you spot the things that gave you headache during the development and memories of late nights come haunting back. Eventually, you do start digging it again. But you’re still unsure how others will feel about it.

That’s why we’ve been really uncomfortable at the office as of late. The Finns are notoriously lousy at taking compliments and are usually embarrassed by success. Now that Rochard is about to launch, we start hearing from magazines and websites how they liked this and that aspect of the game, how the story was fun and the gameplay was good, and we as developers are genuinely, scout’s-honor-honestly surprised by the positive feedback.

Witness even this. This blog post should be overflowing with marketing angles and bullet points, how Rochard has innovative gravity gameplay, the G-lifter allows you awesome movement and combat plus this humorous background story that pokes fun at its sci-fi roots, but the best we can do is say that we’re glad we made it and it’s out. We’d be super happy if you tried the demo.

Thanks, guys.

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