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A Q&A with Rochard’s developers

The other day we asked on our Facebook page if you had any question for Recoil’s development team. We received a few entries, so it’s about time for us to give some answers!

Not all is related to Rochard, but we are cool with that, as we don’t mind just chatting from time to time…

Any plans to release Rochard to other platforms (Xbox, PC, iOS…) as well? As you know, Unity3D makes this pretty easy.

Yes, working with Unity we could theoretically port the game or expand the IP on other platforms without rebuilding all from scratches. As for any real plans, we have to keep our mouth shut for the time being, but as we said in some of the interviews out there, we have big plans for the Rochard IP.

How did you select which voice actor to fit with which character in the game?

We did a lot of casting. The funny thing is that some members of the team didn’t know about the involvement of Jon St. John as the voice of John Rochard. Some just thought he had a spectacular voice, and realized he was “Mr. Duke Nukem” only afterwards.

What programming language did you use and was it hard?

We used C# for most of the programming. Then we assembled the various parts of the game using Unity 3D. It’s a very flexible environment, and it allows easy portings between different platforms. You can read a long in-depth interview about Rochard and Unity here.

How can I become a tester?

Well, the world is your oyster! If you don’t know were to start from, EDGE hosts a good archive of gaming-related jobs. Check it out!

As for Recoil, we will push out job announcements as soon as we have open positions, so stay tuned.


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