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The (Lost) Art of Rochard – Part 2

Last week we showcased some original artworks from Rochard‘s secret scrapbook. The focus was mostly on (discarded) designs for space bandits and John Rochard himself. In this second – and unfortunately last – part you can take a look at some of the environments that didn’t make it into the final game…or at least not in this form (wink, wink)!

And before you ask: yes, we have more of these, but showing them would probably cause massive black holes and break the space-time continuum. So rest assured, we are not gonna mess up the universe just before you have a chance to put your hands on the game…







The (Lost) Art of Rochard – Part 1

Hi there! We are getting close to the release date and as you can guess everyone at Recoil is getting really excited!

Today we decided to share some backstage material featuring old concept arts of characters that didn’t make it into the final game. Turns out those pirates were just too afraid to make an appearance…

Oh, you will also see a scrapped model of Rochard himself, but don’t worry: our mustachioed hero is gonna meet you as planned the 27th (US) and 28th (EU) of September.

Take a seat and enjoy :)


Remember to keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter for more updates. Release is close and we have a lot of things to share!

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