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This edition contains DRM free Rochard v1.3 for Mac & Windows & Linux, Hard Times expansion, an awesome soundtrack (320kbps CBR and FLAC) and a Steam key! Service provided by Humble Store. Any future DLC packages will be included as well. By purchasing Rochard direct from the developer you support Recoil Games’ efforts to port Rochard to new platforms, as well as make DLC development possible.

You can also get Rochard from Steam, Mac App Store, Ubuntu Software Center, or Distributor versions, prices, copy protection and extras may differ from the edition available on Humble Store. PS3 version is available only on the PSN store.

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Gaming Universe: Best Downloadable Game
Unity Awards 2011: Best Graphics
Unity Awards 2011: Best Gameplay
GamingXP: Best Arcade Game
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Rochard The Game
Rochard is a side-scrolling platformer packed with action, gravity-bending puzzles, space bandits and absurdly powerful astro-mining tools.
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