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Rochard workspaces: a tour of Recoil Games

The best thing about working in a video game studio is that your desktop can look like a Warhammer 40.000 battlefield and not only the other guys do not complain about it, but they often encourage you in turning a perfectly innocent table into a fantasy armageddon.

At Recoil, each new employee starts with a little personal budget to embellish his or her new workspace. Let’s see in this series of pictures what the people working on Rochard came up with. Be ready to see dragons amidst empty cans of energy drinks, or aliens towering over half eaten biscuits with a study on mustaches in the background…










Rochard Backstage Part 1: The Music (Sneak Peek)

We hinted a few times at backstage material coming your way…now it’s time for a sneak peek!

The first part of our Backstage focuses on music: Creative Director Burt Kane and Producer Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen from Poets of the Fall sat together to speak about the 80’s inspired soundtrack of Rochard.

While there is still a bit more waiting to do for the whole video, we want to give you a little preview of what you will get approaching the release of the game. Enjoy!


The GamesCom Aftermath

Hyvää päivää (good day), we’re back in Finland!

Here we are, back to life after a few – amazing and exhausting – days at GamesCom, ready to share some memorabilia with Rochard‘s aficionados.

Fast recap of other important recent facts for those who were sleeping: we have announced the release dates for both US (27 September) and Europe (28 September) alongside with the pricing for both regions (respectively $9,99 for the US, €9,99 for Europe and ₤7,99 for our friends in the UK).

And now let’s go with the pictures!

Our Creative Director, Burt Kane (left) and Recoil’s Founder, Samuli Syvähuoko (right) holding the nomination cards from GamingXP! As a matter of fact, Rochard has won the Best Arcade Game prize according to the German partner of IGN!

Burt and Samuli being interviewed by the guys at Gametrailers. 

Last but not least: who needs booth babes when you have these three?

The general impression we got from people when they tested the game has been extremely positive. Moreover, we haven’t got a single bad preview so far and it seems that everyone is expecting another great title to come out of Finland… Luckily enough, we think Rochard will be able to meet and exceed fan expectations…

We will bring you more news during the next days so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


ROCHARD’s Release Date announced at GamesCom

Hello Fans, Hello World, Hello Space!!

So here it is, the release date of Rochard was announced today at GamesCom. It was a long wait, but we are happy that it is now – finally – official. Our whole team is super excited (and relieved)! The big dates when our PS3 console exclusive will be available are:

(U.S.) September 27th for download on PSN for $9,99
(Europe) September 28th for download on PSN for €9,99
(UK) September 28th for download on PSN for £7.99

Check out also the links to the official Playstation (US) blogpost and SOE’s press release.

If you really like us, tell the big news also to your friends and share our kick ass trailers.

We have also a great developer interview coming up…So brush your mustaches and get ready for some gravity-shattering action!


Another week, another interview

Hi guys! A new week is starting, and while everyone is out sun-bathing we at Recoil are “enjoying” the beautiful weather behind our desks, waiting to announce the release date*, with all curtains down (these glossy screens are a bane in the summer) and air conditioning at maximum power.

A few days ago GamingBolt published a really nice interview on Rochard. Behind the mic our Marketing Manager, Tommaso De Benetti, and Recoil’s Lead Designer Juhana Virtanen. Want a sample? Read on.

Can you please tell us a bit about the gameplay? How different it will be from other similar games available on the PSN and XBL?

We dare to say “quite different”. Later in the game players will be able to shoot, but the game is very much puzzle-centric. Each room is a different challenge. Sometime you can overcome it just with a vulgar display of power, but most of the times using your brain is the best weapon. It’s also often the most rewarding way to deal with the enemies. There’s also good replay value there, meaning that each puzzle can be solved in a multitude of ways making use of the different weapons and environmental tools available to John. We think Rochard stands to platformers as Portal stands for the FPS genre. It looks like one but it plays different.

Recently some screens were released for Rochard. And I observed there were a lot of boxes scattered here and there, which led me to believe that there might be some rag doll physics involved. If yes how will it affect gameplay or make it better?

Absolutely. We can proudly state that Rochard is the first Unity-powered PS3 game. Using the Unity engine allowed us to implement realistic physic both in the way characters interact with the environment and the way objects behave. When you couple this with the G-Lifter and the possibility to alter gravity, you get a better picture of what are the tricks up John’s sleeve.

For the whole story, check it out over at GamingBolt.

*We know you are waiting for this one. You will know it before the end of this month, promise.

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